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Zhejiang Sanmen Taihe Heavy Forging Co., Ltd., is located in Sanmen County, Zhejiang, the “gold coast line” of China, with Tiantai Mountain to its west, Ningbo to its north and Taizhou City to its south. The company covers a total area of 66,000㎡ and a construction area of 40,000㎡. It is a large heavy industrial enterprise specialized in production and sales of die casting, forging, heat treatment and machining.

The company has a strong technical force and complete processing equipment and owns multiple manufacturing shops for die casting, forging, tempering, saw cutting and machining. It is equipped with more than 100 sets of large and medium-sized advanced forging equipment and professional inspection equipment of different kinds, including 3,150 tons and 7,000 tons of high-speed forging hydraulic press, which is the largest forging equipment in Taizhou area, Zhejiang. The 7,000 tons of hydraulic press can manufacture single forge piece in a weight of 50 tons. The company has an annual production of more than 100,000 tons of rolled steel widely used in industries such as machinery, electric power, ship, mine, petroleum and die. Our products are sold to various countries around the world.

Benefit can only be achieved by management. The company has established a set of complete management systems and strictly follows those rules. At the same time, the company strengthens enterprise culture and brand building and has won honorary titles many times including “Key Industrial Enterprises of the Year in Sanmen County”, “Famous Trademark of Taizhou”, and “Safety Production Standardization Enterprise”. It is one of the Top5 enterprises with a fiscal and tax revenue of more than 5 million of the county and has been recognized as “Zhejiang Provincial Scientific and Technological Enterprise” in 2018.

The company adheres to the management tenet of “integrity management and seek development by quality” as well as the management guideline of “honesty and trustworthiness, technology leading, winning by quality, reasonable price, perfect service and win-win cooperation”. It is a people-oriented company that attaches great importance to talent cultivation and talent development. Through years of development, it covers its business domestically and internationally. The company’s business scale and technological level occupy leading positions in the industry. With its complete quality guarantee system, fine technical craft and satisfactory after-sales service, it has gained recognition from the market.

  • Product Quality

    Quality raw materials can guarantee product quality from the source.

  • Large Capacity

    Large capacity, can guarantee timely delivery.

  • Management System

    Complete management system and complete staffing.

  • R & D capabilities

    Strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product line.


Brief Introduction
Our Company

  • 50+

    Senior Engineer

  • 30+

    Forging Equipment

  • 50Ton

    Forged Parts

  • 66000m²

    Factory Scale

Steel Mill

In order to ensure quick and accurate delivery of forge pieces and provide clients with high-precision forge pieces, Taihe has built its own steel mill for manufacturing all kinds of die steels. Taihe Steel Mill currently owns 25 tons of electric furnace, 25 tons of finery and 25 tons of vacuum degassing furnace. The ultimate goal of Taihe Steel Mill is that all products it manufactured can fully meet customers’ needs and guarantee the quality of die steel from the source.

Quality Assurnce

Taihe always sticks to the quality policy of "high quality products and professional services"and strictly acts in accordance with procedural requirements of ISO9001 management system. In order to guarantee products' consistent high quality, our company will carry out various performance index tests of products according to international standard and regulations. The hardness difference is controlled within HRC2 degrees and the flaw detection is able to reach the primary standard of GB/T6402-91.

UItrasonic flaw detector

Hand-held spectrometer

Digital brinell durometer

Desktop steeloscope

Ultra sonic inspection

Hardness test