Four Characteristics Of The 2311 Die Steel


2311 die steel is the steel grade of DIN material stand […]

2311 die steel is the steel grade of DIN material standard in Germany. The material has excellent mechanical properties and good machinability.


The steel is mainly used in the processing and production of plastic mould in hot working die. The material has been pre-hardened when it leaves the factory by special processing technology, which reduces the heat treatment process in normal die processing and production, and improves the economic benefits.



2311 die steel 2311 pre-hardened plastic die steel, after heat treatment, processing and polishing performance is good, more suitable for EDM. It can be used to manufacture large plastic moulds and moulds.


Good polishing performance, good processability, excellent strength and toughness, can be nitrided or chromium plating.
Vacuum degassing refining treatment of pure steel, suitable for polishing or etching processing of plastic moulds.
Pre-hardening supply, without heat treatment can be directly used for die processing, shorten the construction period.
After forging and rolling, the structure is compact, 100% ultrasonic inspection, no air hole, pinhole defect.

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