Steel-like crossing state Yes Trivial?


Rolling state Rolling or rolling non-recurrent after ro […]

Rolling state
Rolling or rolling non-recurrent after rolling, heat treatment after cooling, direct interaction after cooling, name rolling or rolling state heating (rolling) stopping temperature generally 800-900 ℃, natural cooling in the general air atmosphere , Corresponding to the state of heat treatment (rolling). Inconsistent cause of heating (rolling) Normalizing temperature Yes High Yes Low, Unimaged positive heating Heating temperature control rating, Physical composition Material composition Performance Wave ratio Positive fire size. Immediately unsatisfactory rolling steel company control control system, Yuu rolling temperature control control system, parallel rolling steel rolling control cooling measures, causal crystallite refinement, crossing material comparatively high grade mechanical performance. Non-reserved cold rolling, normal rolling, rolling performance, superior rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, and rolling. Demanded unimaged rolling (rolling) state of rolling steel, rolling steel, large and medium-sized rolling steel, medium-thick rolling steel, can be used in open-air rolling stock, or after rolling.More about:hot forging steel

Rolling state
Cold-rolled, cold-rolled, molded steel, non-economical heat-treated, directly-combined state, nicknamed cold-rolled or cold-rolled state. Heated rolling (rolling) state phase ratio, cold rolling (rolling) state rolling material scale accuracy high, surface quality good, surface roughness degree low, parallel high mechanical performance Yuyu rolling (rolling) rolling material surface Existence oxidized skin covering, parallel and existing large internal strength, extremely easy-to-understand corrosion or rolling, causal cold rolling material, its packaging comparable requirements, general average demand storage in the cell, parallel application Control of temperature and humidity in the rolling mill

High temperature tempering state
High-temperature tempering heat treatment before the release of steel, this kind of intermingling state. High temperature tempering tempering temperature high, advantageous tempering bottom extinguishing internal force, high plasticity toughness, steel structure, alloy steel, steel slab transparent structure, high temperature tempering state for tempering material. A certain small body type high-strength steel, high-speed tool, high-speed tool, high-strength alloy, Yu Yu, high-strength, high-permeability and alloy elemental hardening, permanent tempering (or tempering), tempering, primary high-temperature tempering, Medium-sized steel, suitable for steel, obtained, coarse-grained steel, tempered steel (similar to tempering and extinguishing steel), and this kind of cross-state, steel-friendly cutting performance.

Solid solution process
Before the release of steel, solid solution processing, this kind of crossing state. This type of condition is mainly used for austenite body type austenite. Successive solid solution processing, Austenite Oku's organization, High-grade toughness Japanese plasticity, Austenite cold processing (cold roll or cold austenite) construction conditions, Yasui Susumu one step Hardening qualification.

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