What are the basic properties of precision plastic mold steel?


Precision plastic molds have lower requirements for mat […]

Precision plastic molds have lower requirements for material strength and toughness than cold work molds and hot work molds. According to their failure modes and work requirements, their basic performance requirements are summarized as follows:
1 Sufficient wear resistance
Because surface wear is one of the main failure modes of the mold, the mold should have sufficient hardness to ensure the wear resistance of the mold and ensure the life of the mold. Usually need to choose the right material and the right heat treatment method to meet the hardness requirements. But when the hardness reaches a certain value, the effect of hardness on the improvement of wear resistance is not obvious.plastic die steel Manufacturers
2 Reduce the influence of heat treatment deformation
Because the shapes of injection molded parts are often complex, plastic molds are difficult to process after hardening, and sometimes even impossible to process. In order to increase the hardness, heat treatment must be carried out. Appropriate measures should be taken to reduce the influence of heat treatment deformation. For molds that must be processed after heat treatment, materials with small heat treatment deformation should be selected.
3 Excellent cutting performance
In the manufacture of plastic molds, cutting costs often account for the majority. In order to prolong the service life of cutting tools and ensure the quality of the processed surface, mold materials are required to have good machinability. For pre-hardened materials, good machinability is required after quenching.
4 Good polishing performance and etchability
In order to obtain high-quality plastic products, the surface of the cavity of the mold must be polished to reduce the surface roughness value. In order to ensure that the mold has good electrical workability, mirror polishing, and pattern etching, the mold steel should be the material The purity is high, the structure is fine, uniform and dense, and there is no fiber directionality.
5 Good corrosion resistance
When injecting PVC or plastic products with additives such as flame retardants, corrosive gases will be decomposed, which will have a certain chemical corrosion effect on the surface of the mold. When making such molds, steel with a certain degree of corrosion resistance should be used. .

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