What is the role of hot work die steel


Hot forging die steel is a new type of high temperature […]

Hot forging die steel is a new type of high temperature resistant and high resistance die steel, cold and hot base steel, pure matrix, uniform annealing structure, excellent resistance and ductility in all directions, excellent wear resistance, excellent heat treatment standard stability, Excellent hardenability, excellent resistance to tempering softening, excellent high temperature strength, excellent thermal fatigue resistance, polishing, both high hardness, high wear resistance and high resistance.



2344 ( Hot Working Die Steel )


Hot work die steel refers to alloy tool steel suitable for making difficult metal for hot deformation processing, such as hot forging die, hot extrusion die, die casting die, hot heading die, etc. Because hot work molds are operated under high temperature and high pressure conditions for a long time, the mold materials are required to have high strength, hardness and thermal stability, especially high thermal strength, thermal fatigue, endurance and wear resistance.


High temperature strength and excellent resistance. Hot working dies, especially hot forging dies, bear a large impact force during operation, and the impact frequency is very high. Assuming that the die does not have high strength and excellent resistance, it will simply crack.


Excellent wear resistance, because in addition to friction and wear when the blank is deformed during hot work, it is also subject to high temperature oxidative corrosion and grinding of iron oxide chips, so hot work die steel is required to have higher hardness and Anti-adhesion.


There are many classification methods for hot work die steel, which can be classified according to the content of alloy elements and the function after heat treatment. It can be set according to the purpose or according to alloy elements.


According to the application, it can be divided into hot forging die steel, hot extrusion die steel, die casting die steel, and hot blanking die steel.


According to heat resistance, it can be divided into low heat resistant steel (350~370℃), medium heat resistant steel (550~600℃), and high heat resistant steel.


According to the function, it is divided into high resistance hot work die steel, high heat strong hot work die steel, and high wear resistance hot work die steel.

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