Why forging is an important branch of plastic processing?


Forging is an important branch of plastic processing. I […]

Forging is an important branch of plastic processing. It uses the plasticity of the material to produce plastic deformation with the help of external force to obtain forgings with the required shape, size and certain structural properties.

Various countries customarily divide plastic processing into two categories. The first type is the processing that mainly produces raw materials (such as tubes, plates, shapes, and rods) called primary plastic processing. The other is the production of parts and blanks (including forgings, stampings, etc.) mainly processing called secondary shaping processing. Because in most cases, the secondary processing is to use the raw materials provided by the primary processing for reprocessing, but large forgings are mostly directly forged into forgings using ingots as raw materials, and powder forging is used as raw materials.

According to the difference of all raw materials, secondary plastic processing can be divided into volume forming and sheet metal forming. The raw materials used in the former are bar and block materials, and the force belongs to three stress states. The latter mostly uses plate as the raw material. The deformation process is customarily According to the plane stress state to analyze.

It can be seen from the above analysis that forging belongs to secondary plastic processing, and the deformation method is volume forming.More about:hot forging steel

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