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Zhejiang Sanmen Taihe Heavy Forging Co., Ltd., is a famous China TS SERIES manufacturers and TS SERIES factory, located in Sanmen County, Zhejiang, the “gold coast line” of China, with Tiantai Mountain to its west, Ningbo to its north and Taizhou City to its south.The company has a strong technical force and complete processing equipment and owns multiple manufacturing shops for die casting, forging, tempering, saw cutting and machining. It is equipped with more than 100 sets of large and medium-sized advanced forging equipment and professional inspection equipment of different kinds, including 3,150 tons and 7,000 tons of high-speed forging hydraulic press, which is the largest forging equipment in Taizhou area, Zhejiang. The 7,000 tons of hydraulic press can manufacture single forge piece in a weight of 50 tons. We offer kinds of wholesale TS SERIES for our client.

Taihe company launched the TS200 and TS300 series of products with outstanding quality. which has better polishing performance and corrosion resistant performance.