What is the essential performance of plastic mold steel?


Performance Features 1. wear resistance Wear and tear c […]



1. wear resistance

Wear and tear can lead to loss of die precision, which is an intuitive cause of failure.

2. corrosion resistance

Failure to be infringed by abrasive media

3. toughness

Requirements for parts affected by impact loads

4. thermal conductivity

The performance changes are not caused by excessive temperature rise in the working time

5. hardness

It is a comprehensive characteristic index, which is a characterization of wear resistance and strength.

6. purity and tissue uniformity

Ensure that the anisotropy of the material is reduced and the mirror is good.

Process performance

1. machinability

It includes machinability, grinding, wear resistance, polishing (mirror), electrical machinability, pattern processing (etch), etc.

2. heat treatment process

It includes hardenability, hardenability, heat treatment deformation and overheating, decarburization, cracking tendency, and the ability to accept carburizing and nitriding.

3. weldability

Possibility of overlaying, modifying die parts, repairing and reusing

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