How to solve the defects of die steel


There are some defects in the production process of die […]

There are some defects in the production process of die steel. This is a very large scale. From a macro perspective, any problems that we show during the production process can be attributed to the defects of sunshine. This time-sharing problem is in the process of processing We must work hard in the middle, we should review the selection of mold structural materials and specific treatment, as well as the processing between each other. We must take this aspect into consideration in a timely manner.



Inspection from scratch

If it is found that the mold steel is defective, we have to do the inspection from the beginning, take a look at the processing of the mold's structural materials and other aspects. We must take into account the specific issues in this regard in time and make some correspondence In order to bring us more assurance, we hope that everyone can better understand this aspect.


Timely replacement

After discovering the defects, we must do the replacement work in time. These are very important to us. Because we can take these aspects into consideration in the process of making replacement work, and The whole replacement work is done very well, and a more suitable mold is found before it can play a good effect, so we should understand these.


Try not to repair

When people find that there is a problem with mold steel, try not to repair it. As such a method damages the image of the company, it will also leave a lot of risks together, so we should be lively when we pay attention to these problems. To consider various situations, and then deal with these aspects of the work, so that other situations can be effectively avoided, so I still hope everyone can understand in time.

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