• Hot Forging Steel Temperature Range

    Hot Forging Steel Temperature Range

    The forging temperature range refers to the temperature interval between the forging start temperature (initial forging temperature or opening forging temperature) and the forging temperature (final forging temperature or stop forging temperature). The initial forging temperature is mainly limited b... read more

    Nov 13,2020 News
  • Rules in the hot forging process

    Rules in the hot forging process

    The metal is usually heated to a certain temperature before forging. Heating can not only increase the plasticity of the metal, withstand large deformations and is not easy to crack, but also can reduce the deformation resistance of the metal, and greatly reduce the force required for forging. At th... read more

    Nov 05,2020 News
  • What is

    What is "cold forging, warm forging, and hot forging"

    Cold forging is also called cold volume forming, commonly known as heading. It is a manufacturing process and a processing method. zhi is basically the same as the cold stamping process. The cold forging process is also composed of three elements: material, die and equipment. But the material in the... read more

    Oct 28,2020 News
  • What are the types of plastic mould steel?

    What are the types of plastic mould steel?

    1. Carburizing type    Application: Carburized steel has low hardness and good plasticity after annealing, and can be formed by cold extrusion.    Grade: Typical grades are 8416 in Sweden, P2 and P4 in the United States, etc. Domestic 12CrNi3A and 12Cr2Ni4A, 20Cr2Ni4A, and the newly developed 0Cr4Ni... read more

    Oct 24,2020 News
  • Basic knowledge about forging steel

    Basic knowledge about forging steel

    1. Forging: It is a processing method that uses forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. 2. One of the two major components of forging. Forging can eliminate the looseness of th... read more

    Oct 14,2020 News